Comme des Garçons x Monocle Hinoki – Green spicy woody topnotes, dries a bit as it dries down. More linear than Odin 07 Tanoke, but still a wonderful scent. [**1/2]

Divine l’Homme Sage – At first, not as show-stopping as I initially recalled. The fruit (mostly lychee), saffron and cardamom provides an interesting opening and blends quickly with the immortelle, which comes to the forefront of the scent. Amber, patchouli, oakmoss and incense are notable in their supporting roles in the slightly powdery drydown, and this is where it begins to shine. A very well blended scent that seems to defy description on any one of its components and is often more than their sum. [** 1/2]

Montale Full Incense – Wonderful incense. Darker and slightly less green than Profumum Olibanum. Almost soapy, full labdanum foundation. Dries down to a rich, decadent amber and incense blend. [***]

Montale Moon Aoud – Immediately rosy and soapy, with a faint medicinal oud note. As this settles, creamy sandalwood and saffron join in. In the drydown, this resembles a more elegant, subtle Black Aoud. It lacks the transparency of the latter’s rose, as well as the rose and tar image, but the subtlety and elegance make a compelling case for this in its own right. After everything settles (maybe ten minutes), this is a light rose over a leather-tar(oud)-sandalwood-musk combination. All of the notes seem to swim around each other, with great longevity. Very attractive. [***]

Odin 07 Tanoke – Topnotes of a dry spicy orange mixed with ginger, hints of nutmeg, pepper and smoke mingle well with redwood, cedar and gaiacwood. A slight hint of sweet patchouli mingles as well. In the drydown, some smoky incense increases the complexity of the blend. Awesome. [***]

Ulrich Lang Anvers II – Hints of green herbs and geranium are overwhelmed by some cloying candied sweetness (basil and rhubarb?). This sweetness persists although it lessens as the drydown continues, but it overrides any other changes that might be occurring. One word that springs to mind: cacophony. [*]

Zirh Ikon – Spicy, citrucy incense on the top, drying down to more spicy incense. Slightly cold synthetic edge dampens what is otherwise a great scent. Definitely assertive and somewhat aggressive, but dries down to something more refined. [*1/2]