The Fragrance Shop produces fragrance oils and toiletries. Their creations fall into three broad creative categories: single notes, original blends, and ‘designer-type’ blends. They first appeared on my radar in a Basenotes thread, as they appeared to offer an alternative to Creed’s Green Irish Tweed without the drawbacks, namely high price and significant batch variation (i.e. lack of quality control, spun by the PR types as the result of using lots of natural ingredients… somehow no other house seems to have such issues on a similar scale).

The Fragrance Shop offers a sample pack – you choose up to five scents and then receive a discount (the price of the sampler) on the purchase of a full bottle. Taking advantage of this allowed me to try a fairly wide range of the Fragrance Shop’s offerings without too much effort. Notes for the ‘designer-type’ scents I’ve tried are here; single-note and original compositions will come later.

Green Irish Tweed – Compared to the original, the citrus top-notes are less prominent. The violet leaf and iris heart is very prominent and long-lasting, and unlike the samples I’ve had of the original, the ambergris and sandalwood base can be noticed. This seems to have much better longevity as well. [***]

Millesime Imperial – I’m not sure of my batch of actual MI, but this is very nearly identical. The Fragrance Shop oil seems a bit less heavy on the melon, but lasts longer than the Creed spray. When I run out of my current juice, this is a prime candidate for its replacement. [**1/2]

Gucci Envy – This one seemed to change over two wearings. The first made it seem an aquatic in the generic Boss/CK mold. In the second, it came across as more of an oriental. [not rated]

Terre d’Hermes – This is spot on for the parfum concentration of TdH. While the vetiver base in the EdT comes across as very flinty, the parfum is smooth and luxurious, while somehow maintaining the minerality of the EdT. This is very similar, but the orange top-notes linger for a lot longer. [**1/2]

Tobacco Vanille – Vanilla and spices dries down to tobacco, similar to the original, but with slightly more linear. The beauty of this fragrance is in its simplicity. [**1/2]