Bel Ami (reforumulation) – The original Bel Ami has a reputation for being centered around leather. My understanding is that the reformulated version has dramatically toned down the leathery and animalic notes in the blend. The resulting composition is an urbane and refined masculine. Lemon is framed by spices and herbs, leading to a musky-leathery-woody drydown. [**1/2]

Terre d’Hermes Parfum – Top-notes are dominated by sweet orange, which is offset by a dry mineral-vetiver accord. [***]

Terre d’Hermes EdT – My introduction to Terre d’Hermes was a few minutes before going out for a run. A sweet orange dominated the top, drying down to a very flinty, sharp vetiver accord. It complemented the trees and shrubs I ran by, and totally bloomed after I returned. The flintiness of the vetiver took awhile to grow on me, but this is a great fragrance. [**1/2]