1 – Odin 07 Tanoke – I finally picked up a bottle of this. Smokey woody incense that reminds me of the forests both in the Eastern Sierra and at higher altitudes in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Lovely.

2 – Kilian Incense Oud – Refined incense and an oudh accord that contains no actual oudh. This is very versatile.

3 – Givenchy Gentleman – This has a fair amount of patchouli, but is so much more than just another patchouli scent. Both refined and adventurous, I can barely imagine how much more interesting the vintage juice would be.

4 – Montale Full Incense – This performs nicely in warmer weather.

5 – Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo – Another immensely versatile fragrance.

6 – Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure – This is basically everything I wished for in an olibanum-based fragrance and then some. Very lively, concentrated, expressive and natural.

7 – Kenzo Tokyo – Tokyo reminds me of Tokyo, but not in the way that Kenzo’s advertising copy reads. Instead of an undefined swirl of unfamiliar scents, each sniff takes me back to a different, but very vivid memory of my own time in the city. It always hints of quiet and unknown adventure lurking in every corner (very different from the city in which I currently live, where loud boredom waddles everywhere).

8 – Green Irish Tweed – Another supremely versatile fragrance. Among other things, this served me very well for an orchestral performance.

9 – Parfums de Nicolai New York – I just got a bottle of the reformulated juice, and while I miss the opulence of the older version’s base, the new version is actually a great warm-weather scent. Who know? It’s like magic… now to find another bottle of the older formulation.

10 – Aventus – Changing my spraying locations a bit helped a lot with olfactory fatigue, but I still don’t get too much of the base in this. It’s just random whiffs of smokey, woody pineapple. And I’ve got absolutely no problem with that.