Dzing! – Dzing opens with light citrus notes (the ginger?) played against the relative earthy and animalic saffron. This seems to lead to a leather accord similar to that in Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, but toned down to a whisper. Very unique. [**1/2]

Dzongkha – This opens with spices, sweet lychee, and restrained flowers. The drydown is creamy and relaxing, incense mixing with woods and a soft leather accord. This is very peaceful. [**]

l’Eau d’Ambre – A unique interpretation of amber, this scent actually does resemble ‘amber water’, in direct contrast to the many scents that present versions of a rich, indulgent amber. Where those shout, this whispers. The amber itself is powdery, not too sweet, and elegant. [**1/2]

l’Eau de l’Artisan – Opens with green lemon and a hint of mint. Some green notes join in, and a slight marine accord seems to add some freshness, but overall this wouldn’t stand out from the crowd of fresh/AdC style scents. Longevity is a bit below average. [*1/2]

Fou d’Absinthe – Fou d’Absinthe opens with a spicy green accord that immediately brings to mind the fleeting topnotes of Amouage Memoir Man. But where it leads to a rich, resinous incense there, here it is treated in a cooler fashion, accented by spices. The absinthe accord leads to a soft, dry bed of pine needles, very reminiscent of walking in a forest. [***]

Timbuktu – A slightly dry green and spicy aroma provides the introduction here. This is followed by an earthy, creamy blend of myrrh and patchouli, and rounded off with incense and vetiver. Awesome. [***]

Patchouli Patch – The name here is very accurate. This opens with a straightforward, very natural patchouli. A bit of vanilla softens the patchouli as it dries down, but does not defeat the scent’s assumed purpose. [**1/2]