About Scents + Nonsense

The Blog

This blog is an experiment, but not in the broad scientific-method sense. Rather, after trying to store and organize my impressions of various fragrances in different means – scraps of paper, a Onenote notebook, a bound notebook, an Excel spreadsheet, an Access database, etc. – I decided it might be easier to post and save them here. So far, this has proven to be the case.

And Nonsense

I am a male PhD candidate in my mid-twenties, in a field completely unrelated to perfumery. I am a classically trained cellist and pianist, I’m a huge wine geek, and I like econometrics.

My fascination with fragrances grew out of two things. Aromas play a central role in wine, but I didn’t think about appreciating other smells until after I began wetshaving. Traditional shaving soaps and creams have a tremendous variation in their scents, and this piqued my interest in something more lasting. So here I am.


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